Allanach Mortgage Group Introduces the Future of On-line Mortgage Approvals


Trusted online mortgage approvals beyond our competitors capability - QUICKSTART is a link added to your current web site and while in the system, the member only sees your credit unions name and logo. Allanach Mortgage does not advertise on your site. QUICKSTART acts as your own store front. The credit union can monitor and manage their applications during the mortgage progress through the online pipe line. Work Smarter not harder thanks to QUICKSTART. Members appreciate how fast, easy and convenient QUICKSTART is to use to obtain an instant mortgage pre-approval. Saving them time by origination the process from the comfort of their own home.

Easy application format - Our system allows members to choose from a menu of programs for which they qualify. Payments, rates and other loan features are displayed along with a glossary of terms for the borrower to access. Every application is cross referenced with Freddie Mac LP. Freddie Mac LP is an automated undei*writing system that assures the applicant that they are receiving a quality pre-approval.

Instant response - Once application is submitted. A pre-approval notice will appear on the screen allowing the applicant to print their pre approval letter. If an application is unable to be approved for any reason, the applicant will not receive a turn down. They will receive a notice indicating addition information is needed to complete the process and a local mortgage specialist will contact them with in 24 hours.

Other features and benefits include:

● Among the first stand alone decision solution systems designed to attract internet shoppers.

● Fits component based web strategy favored by forward thinking lenders.

● Integrates with existing Point of Sale Systems.
● Low cost of implementation in time and money and can be set up in as little 2 days.

● Allows members to obtain a pre-approval and pricing for either a purchase or a refinance.

● Meets the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GBL) for consumer data protection.

● Quick Start is powered by Lenders Logic and was named "Rising Tech Star of 2005" By Mortgage Technology Magazine.