At Allanach Mortgage Group, we understand that providing higher savings rates, lower loan rates and adding comprehensive mortgage products lineup is just the beginning for your Credit Union. The challenge our CU partners are facing is related to further educating existing members and potentially new members about benefits of fully utilizing CU's great loan and savings programs.
AMG has developed highly customized and very affordable marketing solutions in order to highlight your Credit Union's mortgage offering. Allanach Mortgage could assist your CU in following areas;


Custom solutions for your mortgage related collateral material (brochures, posters, flyers, statement stuffers etc)


Customize and improve your website page to highlight your mortgage products, create web banners and flashes, provide links to Allanach online application engine etc.


In addition to marketing, Allanach Mortgage Group is very involved with our partner Credit Union when it comes to education:


We market and facilitate seminars for your Credit Union and it's members on topics such as: First- Time Home Buying, Reverse Mortgages and other topics related to Federally Secured Programs we offer.


Lobby Open Houses are a great way to meet and great your members and to provide them with information regarding the services provided by your lending department. A Personal Mortgage Advisor from Allanach Mortgage Group will be present to assist your members with any of their mortgage inquires.



Please contact us and let us know if AMG can assist your marketing and educational efforts.