A partnership with Allanach Mortgage Group gives your Credit Union the opportunity to earn revenue while providing an excellent service to your members. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If your credit union currently portfolio's mortgages, our partnership would prevent you from ever having to decline a member on the spot again. Your lending department would have access to over 16 national lenders, each with their own unique products from: 100% Financing, VA, Gov't Loans, Reverse Mortgages, Interest Only, 40 Year mortgages and many more. If your credit union currently does not offer its members any mortgage services this is an opportunity for new income and to attract new members.

Avoid risk of noncompliance with Federal rules and regulations!

Allanach Mortgage Group will provide your Credit Union with deep industry expertise that is second-to-none: More than 40 years of experience working with Credit Unions and for the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). We have a practical, working knowledge of the regulations that govern your credit union.

Allanach Mortgage Group understands uniqueness of each Credit Union and that level of service we could provide could range in scope. In order to fully understand AMG's ability to fulfill each and every Credit Union's unique need, we have have provided breakdown of different mortgage servicing SCENARIOS:

Your CU collects basic member data and AMG handles the rest; origination, processing, loan underwriting, closing, funding and servicing of the loan.

Your CU funds the loan and AMG does origination, processing, loan underwriting, closing, while credit union maintains servicing.

Your CU originates the application and AMG handles processing, loan underwriting, closing, funding and servicing of the loan.


If your CU is originating, funding and processing the mortgage application, AMG will underwrite the loan, close it.

This option allows your CU to handle most of the mortgage process with the exception of underwriting and loan servicing sold by AMG.

It is critical for Credit Union to have strategic marketing approach in order to educate existing members or attract new ones. Allanach Mortgage Group will assist your marketing efforts in various innovative ways. Please review our MARKETING page for more details