Allanach Mortgage Group is a full service mortgage company, devoted to serving Credit Unions in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Our mortgage products are customized to fit specific needs of the Credit Union industry and its unique membership base.

AMG has been partnering with Credit Unions since 1992. Our focus on CUs gives us tremendous level of experience and expertise when it comes to understanding cooperative nature of the Credit Union industry, its goals, challenges and most importantly, absolute necessity to build and maintain member loyalty.

Our founder and President, Mr. Thomas Allanach, has over 40 years of banking experience in the originating and processing of loans arena.


Allanach Mortgage Group offers a full service mortgage support center. You would have the opportunity to consult with your personal mortgage advisor to help you get the answers you need fast. Each of our mortgage advisors has over 10 years in experience.

Our goal is to make sure every credit union knows that when it comes to expanding their lending power, a partnership with Allanach Mortgage Group is the solution! We help you offer a wide range of products to your members. You send a crystal-clear message to your competitors: Your members don't need to look anywhere else for financing options!

Each member's needs are different. In today's market, most credit unions can not afford to put higher risk loans into their portfolio. Not all of your member's have been able to maintain their credit rating. Some of your members loan to value needs are above the credit unions LTV guidelines. At Allanach/ Mortgage Group, we want to make sure you never have to exclude a member due to less-than perfect credit or any other reason. We will work side by side with you to offer your members solutions to even the toughest challenges...

...and that means loyal, satisfied members will look to your credit union first, for all their financial needs!