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"We've partnered with Allanach Mortgage Group for many years. With Allanach as a partner, we can offer our members a wider range of mortgage products and still assure them that our member will receive the same first-class service they get from the credit union. Partnering with Allanach Mortgage is another value added service the is definitely a 'win-win'."
- Kenneth M. Deli Rossi, President/CEO, Northern Massachusetts Telephone Workers Credit Union, Lowel, MA

"I was facing losing my home. I've been here for 35 years. I had an outstanding mortgage that I could not afford to pay. I owed back taxes and the home needed repairs. I sat with an Allanach Mortgage advisor who was able to give me a reverse mortgage to pay off my liens and give me the cash I needed to repair my home. The reverse mortgage was truly a blessing!"
- G.W. Greenfield, Massachusetts

"Once the rate on our Adjustable Rate Mortgage increased, the payment was higher than we were able to pay. My wife and I both got second jobs but we still fell behind on our mortgage. We faced foreclosure. Our credit union suggested we speak with their lending partner, Allanach Mortgage. Our mortgage advisor was able to assist us by originating an Gov't Loan Secure refinance. We were able to save the house and we now have an affordable 30 year fixed rate. We recommend Allanach Mortgage to any one in need of a Mortgage."
- B. Simis, Springfield, Massachusetts