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Credit Union Partnership

A Partnership with Allanach Mortgage Group Corporation gives your Credit Union the opportunity to have a first class mortgage department no matter how big your staff is. AMG will walk hand and hand with your staff to help your membership get the mortgage products that are available in the open market with the competitive rates that go with them. We become part of your Credit Union environment. We have been working with credit unions since 1993 and our President has worked with Credit Unions for over 40 years.

Scenarios of why a Credit Union would start a Partnership with Allanach Mortgage Group Corporation.

Small Credit Union- many credit unions with assets under 50 million do not have the people or the liquid assets to be able to provide a first class mortgage department. Allow AMG to take over a portion of your department and handle the processing of your portfolio products and for the mortgages that do not fit your guidelines maybe there is a home for them in the secondary market.

Mid- Size Credit Union -Your institution has a nice mortgage department and handles all of their portfolio products. The products generally will be conventional loans 10-30 years with PMI or maybe you only go to 80% LTV. We understand the Regulation environment and how most Regulators do not like to see 30 year fixed on CU books. This would give you the out- let as well as the ability to offer the government loans that do require separate underwriters and additional cost.

Large Credit Union- You have a big intelligent mortgage department but you do not want to deal with government loans. AMG will allow you to focus on what you are good at and still have the ability to offer your members the government programs that may be available.